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【終了しました】November11(Sat.)Holding a Japanese language learning seminar and free consultation session in Tomakomai City


The Hokkaido Foreign Resident Consultation Center is hosting a Japanese Study Seminar and Free Consultation Session in Tomakomai on Saturday, November 11th. The event details are written below.

◇Japanese Study Seminar:Japanese for Daily Life and the Workplace◇


Where:COCOTOMA(ココトマ)(苫小牧市 表町 5丁目11-5)

Cost:Free[0円] ※You must fill out the sign up form in order to participate

Sign Up Here:

More details about the event can be found here:

◇Free Consultation Session in Tomakomai◇

When: 11/11(Sat)12:30~17:00

Where:COCOTOMA(ココトマ)(苫小牧市 表町 5丁目11-5)

Services/Available Consultants:Administrative Scrivener (Legal Services), Sapporo Immigration Bureau Officer

Languages:Japanese, English, Vietnamese(An over the phone translation service will be used for consultations in languages other than those listed)



※While it is recommended to make a reservation, walk-ins are also welcome.

More details about the event can be found here:

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